I always knew I wanted to work in the entertainment industry in some capacity. I think it was the appeal of having a creative-oriented job. My first passion was acting and I attended UCLA where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in theater arts. But always the pragmatist (a trait I inherited from my father), I spent much of my senior year stressing out about what I was going to do with a degree in theater. I was convinced that my most likely post-college career prospect was going to be waiting tables. Then I saw an ad that changed everything.

I was having lunch one day on the UCLA campus reading The Daily Bruin  when a full-page advert jumped out at me. I felt like the headline was literally written just for me. It read: “Think There’s No Place in Business for Someone with a Liberal Arts Degree?”  That answer, at least for me at the time, was an unequivocal “yes!” The ad was for USC’s Annenberg School of Communications and it wasn’t long before I was registered and accepted into the masters program (talk about the power of advertising!).

After graduating from USC, I progressed through my entertainment career at Warner Bros. with roles in media research and audience analytics, syndicated television sales, retail business development, global promotions, partnership and promotional marketing, and entertainment licensing. I also worked extensively with advertising agencies pitching, negotiating and collaborating on concepts utilizing borrowed entertainment equities from Warner Bros.’ massive library of content.

Throughout my career, I’ve had a knack for combining my creativity with the practicalities and fiduciary responsibilities of the business world to deliver strategic and unique solutions for both internal and external stakeholders. It’s been a winning combination and I’m looking forward to bringing these skills to the next chapter in my career.